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Pre-Listing Inspection Reports Program

Why A Pre-Listing Inspection is Right For You


  • Detailed Residential Inspection

  • One Revisit to Inspect any Corrected Items from Initial Report

  • 1 Report Update of Corrected Items

  • Move-In Certified Logo For Listing

  • Move-In Certified Yard Sign

  • Buy Back Guarantee for the Buyers​​

  • Provide potential buyers with a 90 day buy back guarantee! 

  • As a seller, you can be present during the inspection and have questions answered

  • You can schedule the inspection at your convenience

  • Provide knowledge of any personal safety concerns such as possible gas leaks or high levels of radon

  • View your home through the eyes of an objective Certified Professional Inspector

  • Allow for insight of any safety concerns before you invite buyers into your home

  • Inspection conducted by a certified InterNACHI Professional Inspector instead of a possible unlicensed inspector

  • Provide information to accurately price your home and help minimize negative negotiations

  • Minimize pre-listing stress

Gives the seller the opportunity to obtain information about their property
  • For peace of mind for you and your buyers, your home can be move in ready certified!

  • Providing an inspection report shows you care about your property and improves a potential buyer’s confidence.

  • Gives you the opportunity to hire a qualified contractor of your choice with a price point you agree with to fix any potential issues that might come up during inspection.

  • Removes the possibility of over-inflated buyer estimates.

  • Reduces the likelihood and amount of negotiations that a prospective buyer can present.

  • Provides documentation to your disclosure statement of any previous issue you have corrected.

  • Move in Certified logo is available on all home that have no reported marital defects or safety concerns

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